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manuj’s blog

May 3, 2021

Startup Myth Uncovered: From $2/day to Hundreds of Millions in Revenue, Business Maven Manuj Aggarwal Launches Startup School

Most startup founders, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs face the problem of understanding the process of starting a business from scratch. Typically on a shoestring budget – using personal savings. Grinding day in and day out, growing the small startup into a mature company, with a board of directors and finally entering the big leagues, Initial Public Offering (IPO).

It is within this backdrop that business maven, tech strategist, entrepreneur, inventor and author, Manuj Aggarwal has decided to launch an unconventional startup school dubbed Startup Myth Uncovered – SMU.

25 years into business, selfless Manuj has witnessed first hand the hustle and bustle of an employee, freelance professional, entrepreneur and family man.

Moving from working in a factory $2/day in India to discussing business strategy with the executives of Fortune 500 companies globally is the life experience and testimony of cheerful Manuj Aggarwal worth sharing.

“I have a burning desire to uncover the myth behind starting and growing a business from ideation, validation to execution. Differentiating what actually works in the startup world from the norms taught in the four walls of high-priced business schools and other programs. Revealing the end-to-end strategies and implementation techniques is what SMU is here for” Says Manuj Aggarwal, CEO of Tetranoodle Technologies Inc and founder of SMU program.

Manuj has been underground mentoring more than 10,000 entrepreneurs around the world. He has worked with multiple businesses in diverse industries from startups to big corporations such as Microsoft, Pearson, IBM delivering more than $500 million in value. Manuj as a software engineer has developed methodologies which resulted in 4 new patents in AI and ML, one of his projects got praised and mentioned by Barack Obama and Bill Gates, his Podcast Bootstrapping Your Dreams got ranked as Top 100 next to Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, and Tim Ferriss and many more credentials to his name.

Startup myth uncovered – SMU is an unconventional online program that aims at unlocking the true potential of current and aspiring entrepreneurs. It is a tried, tested, and proven path for them to be able to maximize their growth through data driven decisions, human relationships and digital expertise.

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