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BUSINESS MYTH UNCOVERED - Mentorship program for startups and small businesses

Discover the secrets behind launching and growing your startup and small business – from ideation, validation to execution. This is a coaching and mentorship program for startup founders and entrepreneurs. 


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    Business Myth Uncovered Is NOT

    BMU is NOT a crash course

    BMU is NOT your typical coaching program

    BMU is NOT a theoretical lecture

    BMU is NOT about memorizing ideas

    BMU is NOT a conventional seminar


    You need this program if:


    You want to grow your startup or business fast

    You want to launch a new business but you are not sure where to start

    You started a business and have failed before

    You are a seasoned entrepreneur looking to expand your business

    You are running a growing business and need funding

    You are a marketing professional and want to understand your customer behavior

    You are interested in learning how startups work before taking the plunge

    You are a corporate executive wanting to launch a profitable business within an existing entreprise

    What you will learn from this program:

    The entrepreneurial journey comes in stages. I will guide you through the process with empathy and expertise.

    Startup expansion strategy and implementation

    Formulate and validate your business idea

    You will learn the preferred business idea identification and assessment methodology. I will walk you through on how to identify your idea and assess it with respect to your potential customers and the market environment

    Build a strong finance and accountability foundation

    You will learn how to understand business finance basics. I will take you through the fundamentals of finance & accounting comprising financial statements, break-even analysis and more.

    Develop a market fit business plan

    You shall learn how to build an effective business plan for your venture. I will show you my secrets of crafting the right USP, go-to-market strategy, performing competition analysis, adopting a winning business model and more.

    Build a strong business administration foundation

    You will learn how to define the right legal foundation for your company and explore fundamentals like company registration, compliances, patents, etc. I will show you how to adopt a good business operation structure for your business that creates a conducive environment for growth.

    Startup team management and growth strategy

    Hire the right talent, grow a winning team

    You will learn how to source high performing employees and retain them. I will show you my long standing strategy of attracting and hiring top talents for early startups and fortune 500 companies. I have interviewed 4825 candidates and hired 713 for different companies using this strategy. 

    Exit Strategy

    Raise funds and do valuation the right way

    You will understand the typical investor’s mindset on matters of company valuation, fundraising, equity dilution among other things. I will show you how to craft a winning pitch deck and term sheets. After the training you will pitch like a pro and understand the key focus areas in term sheets.

    Exit Strategy
    Startup Exit Strategy

    Startup exit planning and execution

    I will teach you how to set up an exit strategy, designed to maximize the value of your business and unleash your true equity potential. If you buy the program today you shall stand a chance of leveraging our deal-making experience in Silicon Valley, Europe, and Asia.


    Business Consultant
    “If only my clients had consulted with Manuj before they spent all that wasted time, energy, and money on their development. “
    Amir Nasr
    Founder, Assertive & Co.
    “Manuj is somebody who really is genuine and who cares about what he’s putting out there. His intentions are noble and I think that is very important.”
    Terence Lewis
    Award-­winning Bollywood choreographer | celebrity TV judge
    “Every now and then you meet someone who really cares he is making a difference – that person is Manuj.”
    Steve Sims
    Real life Wizard of Oz

    Why do you need to enroll in the Business Myth Uncovered program today and start your entrepreneurship journey?


    Get hands-on industry secrets on starting and scaling a business based on Manuj’s 25 years experience


    Not only recorded videos but, you get access to exclusive  training from Manuj 


    Get direct access to BMU exclusive online community where you make invaluable industry contacts


    Get access to the vast network of BMU’s investors, VCs and Angels in the Silicon Valley, Europe, and Asia

    A Lifetime, no questions asked, moneyback guarantee. If you find out that this program doesn’t meet your expectations – you deserve a 100% refund.
    Total value $1570 USD

    And now! Because sharing is caring, the BMU program now brought down to:

    Just $197. No monthly fee.

    I have helped thousands of companies navigate the entire business journey

    25+ years
    Hands-on experience
    10 million
    Lives impacted
    $500 million
    Value generated

    Why enroll in the BMU program today?

    Hands-on industry secrets $520

    Exclusive training from Manuj $450

    Access to BMU exclusive online community $200

    Access to the network of BMU’s VCs and Angels $400

    Lifetime moneyback guarantee

    BMU spotlight certificate 

    Total value : $1570 Save 95%
    Offer price: $197 one time pay


    I am offering this program at this price because entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners need help. Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars every month. I want to make my knowledge and experience available for everyone – so that more innovations can come to the market.
    You are going to get a lot of practical insights on how to grow your startup from a concept on the back of a paper napkin to having a board of directors. Getting funded. Grooming a 7-figure mindset team. Hiring and retaining a remote team in this era of social distancing. Understanding your customers to make more sales. And much more.
    Extremely actionable. While developing this program there was a strong focus on hands-on learning and making it as action-oriented as possible. We do this by giving you various frameworks, examining case studies together, giving you real-life examples from our companies and contract deals.
    We accept several different payment methods, depending on your account country and location. In most countries, we accept Paypal and all major credit – Visa/Master card processed by Stripe (100% secure).
    We offer 100%, LIFETIME, money back with no questions asked. All we request is that you actually follow all live sessions, check out all the resources and if you don’t find any value in this program, we will refund your money. You just have to write us an email at
    Yes. All live sessions take place on a private Facebook group opened only to paid subscribers. So, training is 100% mobile responsive. You will be able to access your training anywhere and on any device.