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Leverage our turn-key solution to grow your personal brand and build relationships that pay. Using our AI-powered technology, my team and I will blow your mind.


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Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.”

Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.”

Building Relationships And A Credible Personal Brand Takes A Lot Of Time And Effort

What If There Was An Automated Turn-key Solution Which Rapidly Elevate You To An Authority Figure

What If There Was An Automated Turn-key Solution Which Rapidly Elevate You To An Authority Figure

What If You Were To Become A Magnet That Attracts Unbelievable Opportunities Coming To You

Hi go-getter

Thanks you for dropping by…

If you are a mission driven corporate executive, seasoned professional wanting to join the GREAT RESIGNATION…

If you are a business leader or public servant wanting to accelerate the growth of your business or build an influential network and grow your personal brand…

Exponential hyper-growth for business or globally recognized personal branding is not an easy undertaking.

If you don’t like…

  • Spending years or even decades building credibility in your industry
  • Spending majority of your time online hunting for clients
  • Struggling to get inbound leads and more business call bookings
  • Spending thousands of $ to get attention to your brand

Instead you are a busy and ambitious person…

  • Who loves quality and fast results
  • Wants to connect just with the right people that need your offers
  • Connect with like minded industry leaders
  • Stay relevant online without getting glued to your computer screen
  • Get invited for speaking opportunities without pitching for them
  • Get invited to serve on boards seats of reputed companies
  • Talk with people that matter and get exposed to opportunities…

Then, you are in the right place!
I invite you to…sign up for this EXCLUSIVE AI-BASED SOLUTION
Super Connector Stopover today…

This solution has been carefully designed and developed using the power of AI and Behavioral Science to enable you DO the LEAST amount of work (as described below) and let my team and automated systems DO the HEAVY LIFTING.

The speed and effectiveness of the results will blow your mind.

The Reason Why Personal Branding Is CRITICAL

What Is Different About Our Approach?

We understand the mass psychology of people. We know how to effectively utilize and influence the 3-second attention spans that humans have.

We reduce the time and costs it takes to cut through the noise and get the attention of the right audience.

Your success relies on building warm 1-on-1 relationships with like-minded people – but traditional marketing techniques cannot achieve this fast.

We use behavioral science, AI and automation to establish your name as an authority figure in the community and your industry.

The result is that instead of you reaching out to people, we turn you into a magnet where like-minded people gravitate towards you and want to do business with you.

Our technology is unmatched in the industry. We engineer how people perceive you. Your brand will win the hearts and minds. Not too loud, not too quiet – but brings fast returns.

Results: Within 9-Months Of Using Our Super Connector Stopover System

Manuj with General David H. Petraeus
US Army (Ret.), Partner, KKR & Chairman, KKR Global Institute

Manuj with Rob Angel
Creator of Pictionary
Manuj with Nir Eyal
Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Investor
Manuj with Marcus Dantus Founder & CEO at Startup Mexico, Shark Tank Mexico, Managing Director Mexico at GEN
Manuj with Chris Kowalewski Chief Growth Officer at the Compass Group
Manuj with Lt. Col. Jennifer “JJ” Snow
CTO at The United States Air Force/AFWERX
Manuj with Mike Ryan Executive Chairman at EIG Capital, Chairman at Tento Health, Winner of 2013 Top 100 Startup Experts
Manuj with Zaheer Ali
Scientist at NASA, TEDx Speaker, Co-Founder of The National Center for Nuclear Security
Manuj with Paul Higgins
Author of Build Live Give, Former Coca-Cola, Executive, Podcaster and Mentor
Manuj with Bob Rathbun
Sportscaster of the Year, Emmy Award Winning Broadcaster and Author of Fast Forward Winner

Brands We Have Collaborated With

Case Studies

How it worked for me

My team and I use relationship building and brand strategies that have been tested and proven on my own personal brand and other executives we have worked with for the past 1.5 years.

I come from very humble beginnings. Using these strategies, I went from $2/day in India to the boardrooms of Fortune 500 in Canada, USA and Europe. Despite having a very illustrious corporate portfolio working with some of the biggest names in business like Microsoft, Pearson, IBM, I couldn’t say I was fulfilled.

I had a burning desire to use my knowledge and experience in human psychology, AI and automation to create more impact in the lives of young entrepreneurs, professionals and senior executives. It got me thinking and led me down the path to finding out the right ways of building meaningful relationships and creating a brand for myself.

Through trial and error, numerous mistakes and learnings, I finally found the winning strategy, tools and techniques to build meaningful relationships and create personal brands from scratch. 

This strategy established me as a global brand within a span of 9-months. And as a result, it has brought me unbelievable opportunities – which were beyond my wildest dreams.

Even getting an opportunity to speak at an UN-related event, next to Ban Ki-moon, 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Noble Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus.

From a hardcore IT engineer working behind computers to a business mentor.  A shy introvert to a reputable podcast host of “Bootstrapping Your Dreams” that got ranked as Top 100 next to Tony RobbinsGary Vee, and Tim Ferriss. And is currently among the top 0.5% podcasts in the world.

From a no name entrepreneur with no credibility or visibility to a super-connector with connections like the Former Director of CIAOlympic championsBillionaires, Multi-millionaires, Fortune 500 C-suite executives and reputable media personalities.

“If only my clients had consulted with Manuj before they spent all that wasted time, energy, and money on their development. “
Amir Nasr
Founder, Assertive & Co.
“Manuj is somebody who really is genuine and who cares about what he’s putting out there. His intentions are noble and I think that is very important.”
Terence Lewis
Award-­winning Bollywood choreographer | celebrity TV judge
“Every now and then you meet someone who really cares he is making a difference – that person is Manuj.”
Steve Sims
Real life Wizard of Oz

I know there are automation solutions to nearly everything in this world nowadays, but Manuj coming up with the super connector system that uses automation to actually establish brands and scale businesses is something incredibly laudable. I am definitely satisfied so far working with Manuj and his team on my projects.
James Kishore
Director – Projects at Machine Automation Solutions, Emerson


Setting out KPIs and milestones and realizing them is one of the most difficult things in sales. Manuj and his team have figured out a great way around this using what he knows best – AI and human psychology. I will say, one of the shortest and surest methods to gain credibility and visit online. Manuj has deployed the supper connector system for my sales team and it is bringing us the intended results for the past 2 months working with him so far.
Josh Adams
VP of Sales, Welnfuse


Manuj really understands how to manipulate technology – big data, AI, security and human psychology to bring about day to day results be it in personal life or business. As an engineer I really recommend all his programs and solutions.
Zaheer Ali
Snr Manager & Snr Eng – NASA (Ames) Academic Missions Services Technical Area Lead AI/Data/AeroSpace

The Results You Get

Our Super connector stopover uses behavioral science and AI to research, attract, engage and delight prospects, personalities and brands. Through this system we help you achieve the following:

Establish your credibility & thought leadership in your industry

Attract new opportunities for you and your business

Increases sales of your product/services

Get invited to join join board seats of companies, speak at conferences

Attract the right partners and investors to collaborate

Best of all achieve all these fast and on auto-pilot

Additional Services We Offer


Web development and design


Brand identity and graphic design


Search engine optimization (SEO)

multimedia (1)

Video production services​


Blog articles written based on your thought

How It Works

What we do


Using our knowledge of behavioural science and psychology – we create a detailed psychological profile of your target audience so that our message resonates with them immediately


Our system managers use AI to generates the conversational content at scale which is used to build the connections and relationships


Automation is used to provide at least 100 touch points every day with the target audience. Which means 2000 touch points per month with your target audience (and their target audience as well) – so the reach is massive


We do the engagement and interest generation for your business or personal brand at scale and bring you marketing qualified leads

What is needed from you


Your input about your objectives and your target audience


Sit back, relax and just monitor the incoming interest and leads


Your monthly investment of $5k into the program


Start conversations with the warm leads and close deals

How To Get Started

Step 1

We onboard you and get clarity on your objectives and your offer

Step 2

We mutually establish KPIs and timelines

Step 3

We streamline and adopt your target audience

Step 4

You effect first payment

Step 5

We setup our AI system and assign an account executive who works with you

Step 6

We become a trusted partner in growing your personal brand


Business Consultant

My Commitment

Super connector stopover is a unique blend of Human Psychology and AI – that generates interest, engagement, networking & business opportunities for corporate executives, professionals and entrepreneurs  who wish to create more impact.

Generally, they have the desire, the passion and the drive – but they lack the time, strategy and personnel to make this happen.

My team, and I have generated fantastic results for myself and numerous ambitious visionaries. We will be pleased to do the same for you.