From $2/Day To The Boardrooms Of Fortune 500

The place was a small state called Punjab in North India. The period was between the 1980s to early 1990s.

There was no internet. No one knew what a personal computer was and definitely not the concept of connecting with people across the globe through electronic means.


Manuj Aggarwal

Quick Introduction

Inventor: Four patents in AI and machine learning. (learn more on LinkedIn)
Entrepreneur: Founder/CEO of TetraNoodle Technologies. Delivered more than $500 million in value. More than 50 startups and enterprise solutions. Scaled systems globally to millions of users.
Author: Written two books. Author of 75+ courses with over 180,000 students worldwide.
Business strategist: Worked with multiple businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Pearson, IBM, and many others. Helped several startups raise capital – from seed to Series-B, Series-C, Series-D. The amounts raised varied from $200K to $10million+.
Life mentor: Human psychology expert mentoring over 10,000 young entrepreneurs worldwide, both aspiring and established.
Experience: 25 years of experience in diverse industries, from a factory in India earning $2/day to the boardrooms of fortune 500 companies in Canada, Silicon Valley, and Europe.
Features: Developed an AI-based system to help students avoid dropping out of the degree programs. The solution was praised and mentioned by Barack Obama and Bill Gates.
Podcast Host: Podcast Bootstrapping Your Dreams got ranked as Top 100 next to Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, and Tim Ferriss.
Expertise: Applies a holistic approach to solving business problems. Polymath and a multidisciplinary professional, from AI to Human Psychology, Manuj has the right expertise.



I Was Good At School

I Was Friendly.

Manuj With Steve Sims
Founder + CEO of Bluefishing Inc. | The Real Life Wizard of Oz

But, my home was troubled.

Because of this, I withdrew into my shell, becoming aloof and angry.

I thought my life would start and end like this always in the background of others, always a plateau of limitations and setbacks.

If there was anything I wished was available for me at that time, it would be a mentor, a voice of reason and inspiration…

Manuj With Steve Sims
Founder + CEO of Bluefishing Inc. | The Real Life Wizard of Oz

At Age 15​

I Started Working In A Factory

At Age 15

I Started Working In A Factory

Labored 12 hours every day for $2. I was resigned to that reality… until a new computer institute in our town threw its doors open. The tuition was greater than a year’s salary, but I scraped together funds for the first class where I found my passion: computers and programming. Because I know, firsthand, how education is hope, how it is revolution.

And in that very same school, I met the one who would complete life — my wife.

We fell madly in love. But, like a movie, our marriage was disapproved of! Ultimately I had to run away from home with only a suitcase full of clothes . After our marriage, we traveled to Canada and started a new life. Flash forward four decades, and I have reached so many milestones and learned a lot of things.


Manuj With Lisa Nichols
World’s most requested motivational speaker who has reached and served more than 80 million people

As a businessman, inventor and data analyst…

As a husband, father and friend to others…

As a lover of the world and of learning about the world…

Today, with four patents, two published books, and 150K+ students across the globe, I am a seasoned entrepreneur and technology expert.

In this 30-year career, I have worked from startups to Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Pearson, IBM, and many others.

And as a way to extend a helping hand to other go-getters and dreamers, I created an entrepreneurial podcast called “Bootstrapping Your Dreams,” which got ranked next to Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, and Tim Ferriss.

Manuj With Lisa Nichols
World’s most requested motivational speaker who has reached and served more than 80 million people

Now at my dream job

Now at my dream job

I am working tirelessly, to open doors for Entrepreneurs, Executives, CEOs Business Owners, who want to get more out of business and life.

Just like that computer institute did for me all those years back.

Provide that instruction, the place to develop knowledge.

That will allow others their own realization and insight.

That turns them from $2 a day to the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies.

Even in a Socially Distant Economy.