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manuj’s blog

August 7, 2021

How to Find a Business Mentor in Canada


How to find a business mentor in Canada that will increase your sales and bring you more clients. You can call me Manuj Aggarwal. I am an Entrepreneur and a digital strategist. I can grow your business using Artificial Intelligence and psychology. In this post, will be sharing with you how you can find a business mentor in Canada. Before i proceed, let me start by explaining a few terms.

Who is a Business Mentor?

There’s a popular saying that “no man is an island”. You must rely on others to help you along the way. Business professionals today have numerous opportunities to participate in relationships that can further their personal and professional development. A business mentor is simply someone who has more experience in business. This person(mentor) can advice another person who is a novice in a particular field. The person who receives this advice or training is usually referred to as “a mentee”.

How to find a business mentor in Canada?

How to find a business mentor in Canada

Finding a business mentor in Canada is not difficult. You simply have to search for someone who has experience mentoring. Someone whos has produced proven results. With my 25 years experience in the field, i’ll use AI and psychology to promote your business.

Cost of hiring a mentor in Canada?

Hiring a mentor is not expensive. It all depends on the the industry you’re involved in. Certain industries require more effort than other. To know the cost of hiring a mentor in Canada, you simply have to contact us for more information.

How to Contact a Business Mentor in Canada?

You can contact me via my website or using social media platform such as linkedin and Facebook.

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