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bootstrapping your dreams show

#320 How Smart Passive Income Can Help You Take Control Of Your Life And Financial Future | Pat Flynn & Matt Gartland

December 23, 2022

#320 How Smart Passive Income Can Help You Take Control Of Your Life And Financial Future | Pat Flynn & Matt Gartland

Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show


Pat Flynn is the founder of Smart Passive Income as well as a bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, industry influencer, and startup advisor. 
Pat has founded several ventures like SPI Media, The smart passive income podcast, Switchpod, and FuseBox.fm to name a few. 
Pat started the Smart Passive Income blog with the intention to help online entrepreneurs get started and stay on the right path. Pat uses his experience to help others answer the questions he once faced and shares the tools and techniques that have worked for him. 

Flynn saw the power of passive income when he taught a test-prep course for architects in training. His course brought him over $200,000 in revenue over the next year. Instead of developing more courses, though, Flynn started training others on how to do the same.
Pat also started the Smart Passive Income podcast in 2010 as a tool for learning business strategies and tactics and it is now one of the top business podcasts which was featured in The New York times and have more than 60 million downloads.
Pat Flynn and Matt Gartland are the partners behind Smart Passive Income (SPI). Smart Passive Income is a media company elevating entrepreneurs to within reach of their dreams.

Matt Gartland is the co-founder and CEO of Smart Passive Income, FuseBox, and advises several tech startups. 

Matt is an expert when it comes to operations, finance, pricing, product development, and customer experience as well as empowering marketing and sales. 

They believe in empowering other leaders, teams, and organizations to achieve their potential through sustainable growth.

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