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Personal branding and lead generation for executives and business leaders
Leverage our turn-key solution to grow your personal brand and build relationships that pay. Using our AI-powered technology, my team and I will blow your mind.

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Personal Brand
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Do you want to accelerate the growth of your business, build an influential network and grow your personal brand?

“Then, you are in the right place!
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Through trial and error, numerous mistakes and learnings, I finally found the winning strategy, tools and techniques to build meaningful relationships and create personal brands from scratch.
This strategy established me as a global brand within a span of 9-months. And as a result, it has brought me unbelievable opportunities – which were beyond my wildest dreams.
Even getting an opportunity to speak at an UN-related event, next to Ban Ki-moon, 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Noble Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus.

And now I'm here to help YOU
achieve it as well!

Establish your credibility & thought leadership in your industry

Attract new contacts and opportunities for you and your business

Increase the awareness, leads and sales of your product and services

Get invited to join board seats of companies and speak at conferences

Attract the right partners and investors to collaborate

And the best
of all, get it all done right, fast and on autopilot

“I know there are automation solutions to nearly everything in this world nowadays, but Manuj coming up with the super connector system that uses automation to actually establish brands and scale businesses is something incredibly laudable. I am definitely thrilled with the work Manuj and his team has done to accelerate the growth of businesses.”

Conor McClintock
Chief, Innovation Hub – Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

“Setting out KPIs and milestones and realizing them is one of the most difficult things in sales. Manuj and his team have figured out a great way around this using what he knows best – AI and human psychology. I will say, one of the shortest and surest methods to gain credibility and visit online. Manuj has deployed the super connector system for us and our sales team is beyond thrilled with the results.”

Albert Zbily
President at Fédération Internationale de Football Corporatif (FIFCO) – A community of 2 million corporate soccer players

“Manuj really understands how to manipulate technology – big data, AI, security and human psychology to bring about day to day results be it in personal life or business. As an engineer I really recommend all his programs and solutions.”

Zaheer Ali
Snr Manager & Snr Eng – NASA (Ames) Academic Missions Services Technical Area Lead AI/Data/AeroSpace

How It Works

Step 1

Using our knowledge of behavioural science and psychology – we create a detailed psychological profile of your target audience so that our message resonates with them immediately

Step 2

Our system managers use AI to generates the conversational content at scale which is used to build the connections and relationships

Step 3

Automation is used to provide at least 100 touch points every day with the target audience. Which means 2000 touch points per month with your target audience (and their target audience as well) – so the reach is massive

Step 4

We do the engagement and interest generation for your business or personal brand at scale and bring you marketing qualified leads

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